What can I do? It's really influence on my life.
But, I don't know what can I do.....it makes me so so disturbed.
I'm so worry about to hurt my dearest family.
who can tell me how can I do?
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  • alex_way
  • <div>??</div>
    <div>What is wrong</div>
  • Victoria
  • Dear sister<br /><br />How are you? what is wrong ? sorry to late to see it ?wish you are feel better now <br />
  • Sandra Milena
  • <div>hey! what's wrong?</div>
  • LONG
  • <div>怎麼了?</div>
  • Irffan
  • <div>~Hey whats wrong Crazy lady?</div>
  • Tatar
  • <div>what's worng??</div>
    <div>anything I can help?</div>
  • raza
  • <div>Nice to see you have written something in English after ages...</div>
    <div>BUT sad to see that you are disturbed by something. Let's hope you resolve your problems very soon.hopefully.</div>
    <div>Keep the faith and be strong</div>