I think I get used to take my time and slow down my pace through this year in the UK. I still remember the first day when I registered for my summer course, it took me whole day!! At that time, I can’t believe it, why does this simple thing still need so much time to finish? Its totally difference from my city where everything is always so rush and everyone is always in a hurry. Hustle and bustle in my city can be seen everywhere. With many fashion and modern facilities and technology, we always can do anything on time quickly and efficiently not only office works but also private stuffs in our daily lives. But, through this year, I realize that this situation maybe just appears in many Asian cities, like Tokyo, Singapore, Hung Kung, Shan High, and Taipei, on contrary, in most of European countries, everyone usually takes his/her time and they are look like more patience to face anything. Hence, I think I like this value of life gradually…I like to take my time and slow down my pace coz I know when I do so I can find more new things and interesting stuffs around me. But when the day I need to go back is coming, I start to worry about if I can involve into the hurried city and life again. I’m so afraid.

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